Adventure Camp Changes and Covid-19 Update 6/9/20.

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Thank you for signing your child for SquawFree’s Adventure Camps!

Due to recent restriction guidelines to the Placer County Covid-19 phase 3 opening, we are required to transition the overnight Adventure Camp to a Day Camp ONLY. The camps will run from 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. We will be following the Placer County Covid-19 guidelines for coronavirus screening and protection each morning at the Airfarm for the entire summer (more information on the exact screening process will be relayed to each of you as we grow closer to opening).         

The Adventure Camp activities will be the same, jumping in the morning and a fun adventure in the afternoon.  We will still ride our bikes everywhere and have a super fun time (unfortunately, just no camping or camp fires). Food will NOT be Provided.  We are also adding another Adventure Camp week in July (July 20-24) to spread out the camper numbers and add more fun opportunities for you to enjoy these awesome camps.   We have adjusted the new Adventure Day Camp price to just $375.00 for each 5 day camp. The cost of the adventure day camp will NOT be applied to the weekend Airfarm pricing 

Thank you for your patience, it is difficult to plan right now due to all the restrictions, but we are excited to see your interest in the Adventure Camps, and we will do our best to stoke out every kid and accommodate our SquawFree families.

The NEW SUMMER SCHEDULE is up on the website calendar and app calendar for you to follow.  We have added a new Adventure Day Camp week and Airfarm wknd training dates. please take a look.    

CKICK HERE  to sign up for the newly added Adventure Day Camp July 20-24, and all our Adventure Day Camps in July.  

(* The Airfarm will be closed 4th of July weekend)

Thank You,

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