Big mtn IFSA & TJFS sign up and registration information.

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You MUST have a current 2020 Membership and your IFSA username and password to register. As many events do sell out, it’s important to register in a timely manner if you hope to compete.

TO AVOID PANIC OR TROUBLESOME ISSUES, PLEASE RENEW YOUR 2020 IFSA MEMBERSHIP BEFOREREGISTRATION OPENS!RENEW your membership to avoid creating a duplicateDO NOT select JOIN NOW unless you are a new memberYour login information will remain the same from last yearForgot your username or password? DangClick Here
You can test your login (and access sweet deals from Rossignol, LOOK, and Lange) here.


If you purchase a 2020 One-Time Athlete Membership and you decide to compete in a SECOND event, you must upgrade your membership PRIOR to registration. Do NOT purchase a second One-Time Membership as this will result in inaccurate rankings. Purchase the correct upgrade, $80 for 12-18 age category athletes OR the $20 for U12 age category athletes.
 Here are lots of helpful links for quick navigation:
2019-2020 Junior Series Handbook »» 
2019-2020 Rule Changes Summary »» 
2019-2020 Memberships »» 
Forgot Your Login Info? »» 
Test Your Login Info »» 
Step-By-Step Guide to Event Registration »» 
2020 National Series Dates + Pre-Qual List »» 

Open Registration – Dec 9-12, 2019 – See Below
Remainder of athlete community will have the opportunity to register*** IMPORTANT *** Athletes who fail to register during their allotted time for Pre-Qualified or Team Quota registration will forfeit their spot and must register during Open Registration. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

Below is the schedule for the three phases of National Series registration. 
For the Open Registration period running December 9-12, the registration dates and times are as follows.
You will always find the registration date, time, and
link listed on the IFSA Event Page. Registration will be run first come, first served during the Open Registration phase of National Series event registration, December 9-12, 2019. For further details, information, and the 2019-2010 Pre-Qualified Athlete list,please click the
button below. National Series Reg Info + Pre-Qual List »» 

Far West TJFS region, registration for all Regional Series Events will open approximately 3 weeks prior to the event date.
You will always find registration dates, times, and links listed on the appropriate IFSA Event webpage. Note that we are still establishing many of our Regional Series registration dates. If you do not see a date or time, it will be added soon! Please don’t email us, just check the page frequently. All registration dates will be included in weekly email reminders.
The remaining registration dates in December for Regional Series events will be announced soon! 
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A Note to IFSA Snowboarders — Follow Up

Renew your IFSA 2020 Junior Membership — 
NOTE: If you purchase a 2020 $25 One-Time Membership and wish to compete in a second event, it is required to purchase the apporpirate Junior Upgrade. DO NOT create a new membership or purchase an additional $25 One-Time Membership – YOUR RANKING WILL NOT BE CORRECT and it creates a lot of extra work for us 🙁 
 Know that ONLY certified coaches with 2020 IFSA Coach Memberships and registered athlete participants will be permitted with venue access.
 Review and understand the 2020 IFSA Junior Series Athlete Handbook– YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING AND UNDERSTANDING THIS MATERIAL.
 Review and understand the 2020 Junior Series rule changes.
 Make sure you have a properly fitting back protector! It is now MANDATORYfor athletes to wear a back protector during all competition runs. Access your 20% off SHRED back protector discount HERE.
 Make sure to save the username and password for all riders in your family! This information is required to register for events. Don’t miss out on registration because you can’t log in! To test your login info or view IFSA Sponsorship Deals: CLICK HERE. Login not working? CLICK HERE.
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