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Freestyle Team info


SquawFree’s full time mogul team trains 6 days a week and averages over 80 days a year. Members of the full-time team compete at all levels, from regional events to junior nationals, nationals and even Nor-ams. Athletes work with coaches on and off the hill to compete at a high level. Training off the hill includes goal setting, video review, dry land training, trampoline and perfecting jumps on the airbag. On hill training includes developing a skillset focused on technique of the turn, take off and landings of jumps and control in the air. A typical day in the life of a full time athlete includes, arriving at the locker room at 8:15, outside ready to stretch at 8:30, break into groups of 8 or less and on the hill at 9:00. A few runs are structured around drills to solidify proper form and technique, and then the focus from the drills will be carried over into the mogul course. After lunch, we will usually open the jumps and athletes will start training with full runs, including two jumps, all while being videoed for either on or off hill review. The goal of the full time team is to train and compete at a high level, while learning commitment, sportsmanship, and the value of hard work. Coaches strive to help every athlete reach their full potential and celebrate their personal growth within the sport of mogul skiing.


Registration for Mogul Competition

Interested in competing? There are various opportunities to compete this year. For all local competitions please go to www.farwestfreestyle.comand click on register for event. From there you will be prompted to first register with USSA and then sign up for the event through the USSA website. The morning of the competition you will need to go to Dave’s Deli in Squaw Valley’s Village or the Tram building at Northstar to confirm registration.  You will receive a notification from the app prompting where to meet every morning of the comp.

As for Junior Nationals and Nationals, athletes must qualify for these events. The selection process is based on your results from regional competitions. The announcement for those that have qualified for these events will be released around February 21st.  Once you have found out if you qualify, you will need to add your name to the Google doc below, so that we can coordinate travel. Then you can register at and for Nationals. Lastly, if you qualify for nationals, you will need to register with and also FIS.


Travel Schedule and Sign Up Sheets

SquawFree’s Mogul Team has an exciting season upon us, with a lot of opportunities for competition and travel. Please see the calendar for all local/regional competitions. At a glance:

Farwest Mogul Comp 1- Squaw Jan 5-6

Farwest Mogul Comp 2- Northstar Jan 12-13

Travel Comp- Sun Valley Jan 25-27

Farwest Mogul Comp 3- Squaw Feb 9-10

Farwest Mogul Comp 4- Northstar Feb 23-24

Junior Nationals- Snowbird March 4-10

Nationals- Waterville Valley March 13-17

Spring Comp- TBD


If you would like to stay with the team for any of the travel comps, please sign up on the following Google Docs:


Sun Valley:


Junior Nationals:



Freestyle Head Coach: Shelly Barbero (775)233-6956

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