New Squaw Freestyle Team YouTube Channel

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SquawFree is excited to introduce the new and improved Squaw Freestyle Team YouTube channel, we’re making it easy for the athletes, family and friends to access all training and competition videos. YouTube will be replacing DropBox (although the videos from DropBox will eventually be added to each athletes playlists). We are working hard to make sure every child on the team has videos uploaded, but it is a time consuming process at the moment, so please be patient with us, as we make the change.
How it works…go to the following link:
Subscribe to our channel Squaw Freestyle Team
Select the bell icon if you’d like to be notified when new videos are added, be warned we post a lot of videos.
Each athlete has their own playlists with all of their videos.
Watch them, share with family and friends. The more subscribers to our channel the better.
Pro tip: Many smart TVs, game consoles, Apple TV, and Roku have an available YouTube application, you can enjoy the clips on your big screen from the comfort of your home.
From a coaching standpoint, YouTube will be much easier than Dropbox to review videos with each athlete and we are excited to maximize this coaching tool.
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