The program has produced more than a dozen US Ski Team athletes, and four Olympic medalists. We are excited to have a rewarding partnership, that allows us to promote your brand through our amazing program, while you help aspiring young athletes achieve their dreams. No athlete becomes an Olympian on their own.  It requires a network of dedicated coaches, teammates and supporters. We rely primarily on registration fees to support the program, unfortunately our budget doesn’t support the growing need to replace aging equipment, coaches training, growing payroll, and ongoing locker room maintenance costs.


We are very proud to continue our Duke Peterson/Randy Davis scholarship program again for the tenth consecutive year.  This scholarship, awarded to eight local students, provides an opportunity for the student athlete to participate in the program – providing a much needed support network, mentoring, team camaraderie, and structure that would otherwise be unavailable. These eight scholarships with the help of Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, provide full time SquawFree team membership and a Squaw/Alpine Gold pass (a value of over $4000.00 for each scholarship winner).



“SquawFree is the original freestyle program. We learned all the fundamentals from a crew of passionate coaches who I still have as mentors and friends today. The years of experience progressing kids through the changing landscape of freestyle and freeskiing safely is something I do not see in the other programs I have witnessed. I am psyched that my ten year old son is getting the proper coaching to match his interest in freestyle and freeskiing. In addition to the fun experience in the SquawFree locker room and on the hill, the program has produced three of the 7 American Olympic medals in moguls among other accolades. Awesome.”  

  -Jonny Moseley (1998 Olympic Gold Medalist)


“Being on the Squaw Valley Freestyle Team was the perfect team for me.  Not only did I absolutely fall in love with the sport of skiing but it taught me how to face my fears, how to be a good teammate, how to work hard when I wanted to win and how to persevere when I lost.  But most importantly it gave me a community of like minded kids that embraced the mountain life and all of the wonderful things it offered.”

– Shannon Bahrke (three time Olympian and two time Olympic Medalist)


“Squaw Valley Freestyle is here for athletes to progress, achieve goals and be successful. The coaches always have your back on or off snow. As a freeskier I have developed strength, integrity, empathy, respect, responsibility and adventure. Squaw Free is willing to support my development and push me to perform above and beyond to reach my fullest potential.”

– Marea Adams ( two time scholarship recipient)


“SquawFree has given me more than I can return. It has not only giving me skills in the sport I fell in love with, but life lessons as well. The environment that Squaw Free provides its athlete, truly lets one express themselves, and excel in the sport of skiing. The amazing coaches, and the resources that you are given access to, pushing athletes to the next level. To be honest, I have no idea where I would be in the sport of freeskiing, without the help of SquawFree.”

 – Zach Poulin (Four time scholarship recipient)


SquawFree gives back to the community by working with the Hi-5’s Non-Profit Foundation B.A.S.I.C.S program.  The B.A.S.I.C.S. (Being Aware Safe in Critical Situations) program was created to reach young athletes, in order to promote smart decision making in the mountains and prevent injuries of any kind.


SquawFree offers an amazing opportunity for companies and organizations to promote your brand that easily can reach 50,000 quality on-hill skier impressions in a weekend, through logo placement on course banners, athlete apparel, and audio announcement during competitions. Additional online impressions via website, facebook, Youtube channel, and weekly team newsletters reaching 500+ team member families, ski industry community, and alumni.  We would like to help you reach your sales objectives and at the same time help our young dedicated athletes achieve their dreams.


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