Sun Valley Spectacular Mogul / Dual Mogul sign up.

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We will be sending coaching to the Sun Valley Specacular Mogul / Dual Mogul event on January 24-26th. This has been a popular event to attend in the past so we thought we would open this up for athletes and families that wish to participate. This is an Intermountain Freestyle Divisional Event. Sun Valley is a great spot to ski for the entire family and a very fun event for everyone to enjoy. There is more info on the sign up sheet or contact Jimeel for more info.

Please note:

*This event coincides with the North Star Farwest event January 24-26.

* There is some housing options available for with some team families attending or with coach Joe Cordeau. Please contact Jimeel for more info

* Please sign up on the attached google doc if you are interested.

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