Team Update 12/28/2017

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Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas.  Now that Christmas is over its time to get to work and use these next two weeks to really train hard and prepare for your competition season.  For many of you this is the only time we will get to work consistently with you day after day for more than a weekend, so lets utilize this time together.  Coaches will be pushing you hard these next two weeks so come prepared to train all day. No going home early unless cleared by the parents before team practice.

All athlete have started their Goal Sheets for the 2017-18 season.  We have gone over them with the athletes and they are now hanging in their locker.  Please talk to your kids about their goal sheets and work together with the program to help accomplish their goals!

Schedule moving forward: (see daily team schedule below)
1) No Team Year Day.  Privates are available upon request, ($200.00 full day private lessons available New Years Day). Please contact Jimeel to schedule a private lesson.
2) Team Workout is canceled tonight 12/26/17.  
3) Woodward training is canceled this friday only 12/29/17.  Woodward has requested we do not hold team practice during their holiday schedule.  You can still go to woodward and practice, we can not coach the program this week.  See you next Friday 1/5/18.
4)We will cap off the Christmas camp with a USSA Farwest Mogul Comp on January 6-7 @ Squaw.  Everyone of all ages are welcome to compete and we encourage it!
5) TJFS registration is open.  The new registration platform is up and running and you are now able to register for your TJFS membership.  Here is your link:

You will also need an Access Code which is case and character sensitive: G3tSt@ked!
Athletes will need their current IFSA number (Yes, you will need to be an IFSA member in order to compete in TJFS) and Health Insurance information to be able to register..
Sugar bowl TJFS registration is open.  You can follow this link to register:
These events are not as time sensitive as National sign-ups so if you are still deciding its no problem. Please let Sean know if you have any further questions regarding membership registration.
6)  Tyler is taking the park team to Mammoth on Friday 12/29/17 for Rev. Tour Qualifiers.  He will be reaching out to all the competitors.  If you haven’t talked to Tyler about Rev tour contact him at
Thanks and let it snow PLEASE!!

Please Consider Donating to SquawFree in 2017!       We need your donations!

Squaw Valley Freestyle and Freeride team is a 501(c)3 non profit foundation.  All donations made to the team are tax deductible!  We rely on your donations to stay afloat.  Please consider donating to the program before the end of 2017; every dollar helps! We need your donations more than ever this season.

This summer we built a world class training facility at Granlibakken Resort in Tahoe City.  With this facility finally complete, we are going to hold jump and ski camps the entire 2018 summer season, expanding our training program to help kids gain the knowledge and experience to become champions! Building this site was not cheap, with excavation, engineering, building costs and labor we spent around $45,000.
This year we need your donations to help us improve our program in a few specific areas.
Video Equipment:  We need to improve our video program.  We are hoping to buy 4 new cameras (Sony RV100 Mark V and Sony Alpha A7 series).  We also need GoPro cameras, Rylo 360 cameras, tripods and editing equipment (Gnarbox).  We also need a new computer to handle the new file sizes and new TVs to review the training footage.  Our goal is not only to improve our video review ability, but also to put out consistent team edits and vidoes for families and the public to enjoy.  This will be a big step to getting everyone involved and able to see what we do.  Our video equipment goal is $5,000.
Team room remodel:  The team room needs to be updated and remodeled.  Lockers need to be updated, carpet needs to be replaced.  Basically the entire team room needs to be gutted and remodeled!  This will take time and money and we need your help making this possible!  Our team room remodel goal is $20,000.
Please donate to the team before year end, in order to write-off your donation and help out a worthy cause.
Thank you for considering Squaw Free for your donation this holiday season.  We have ambitious plans and with your help, we can make the necessary changes to put our Squaw Free athletes on the top of the podium!
Thank you for your support!
The Squaw Valley Freestyle and Freeride Team

Team Reminders 

A few things to know:

1) The team room is located kitty corner from Squaw Kids in the grey Red Dog buildings, lookers left side of Red Dog face.  You will see our team banner above the front door.
2) Your locker will be labeled with your name on it.  The lockers are yours for the season; do as you wish to the inside to make it yours.  You need to bring your own padlock.  Do not mess with any other locker and do not trade lockers.  If you have an issue, see Jimeel.
3) We recommend that all athletes, especially junior athletes, bring their lunch and eat at the team room.  We do not monitor kids in the village.  Lunch is a good time for video review in the team room and trampoline sessions out front. Pease bring your own water bottle and keep it with you or in your locker! We have a water cooler, but we do not supply cups.  Do not drink directly from the cooler – kids are gross.
4) Lunch has been shortened to 45 minutes – gear off to gear back on.  Your coach will let you know exactly what time to meet out front. Do not be late.
5)  *If you get separated from your group, the rule is to come back to the locker room. We will contact the coach and get you back out to train.
6)  Team starts at 8:40 am sharp, boots on and outside ready to stretch.  Do not be late, there will be traffic almost every weekend – you have been warned.  If you are late, prepare to do lots and lots of pushups.
7)  Team ends at 3:00 pm; you can pick up your kids out front of the team room.
8)  The code to the lock on the team room is V-I-II; then turn lock clockwise. This is for your personal use only.
9) If no one is in the team room when you leave, please TURN OFF THE LIGHTS and LOCK THE DOOR. Simply turn the lock counter clockwise.  DO NOT LOCK THE DOOR KNOB.  Please, do not leave the team room open.
10)  The locker room is open to use at all times for your convenience, please be respectful of the locker room rules or it will be locked and only available during team coaching hours.
12) MIPS helmets, back protectors and mouth guards are highly recommend for training. This is an understatement, buy the right protective gear and use it at all times. We can not check every athlete at all times, so you are responsible to make sure that your child knows to wear the gear you provide them.  Mouth guards are mandatory for all competitions within this program.
13)  We are here to have fun and learn how to ski really well.  All we ask is that skiing and learning is your highest priority while you are here.  Come everyday prepared to train.
14) “Unity” is our motto.  We are one team, young and old, freeride, freeskiing, and freestyle. Respect every athlete and coach on this program.  SquawFree is a bully-free zone.  Enough said.  Any athlete guilty of bullying will be kicked out of the program.
The team and comp schedule is available online @ – click on team tab and go to Calendar. Comp schedules are subject to change. We will make sure you have the correct information.
Standard weekend training schedule is 8:30 am-3:00 pm.  Come as early as you like to beat the traffic.
Midweek training schedule Tuesday- Friday 12:00 pm-4:00 pm (subject to coaches’ specifications)
Holiday hours are 8:30 am-3:00 pm
Woodward Schedule: 6:00 pm-8:00 pm Friday evenings.  Any additional times will be announced by your coach.  Your name is on a list at Woodward for a discount, just let them know you are on SquawFree. If there is a problem please call me and I will confirm with woodward.
Dryland Workout Schedule: 5:00pm-6:00pm Tuesday evenings.  Meet at the room directly below the team room.  This is a serious intense workout.  Middle school and high school athletes only.
**If you are not getting emailers please email Jimeel @ to be added to the list. All email updates are added to the website homepage under the “In the know” section.

Information Highway!

We have a new Facebook page:  Squaw Valley Freestyle Freeride Team.  Please like our page to see cool new videos, team pictures, new team edits, and much more.  Our old Facebook page: Squaw Valley Free is soon closing.  You can also follow our instagram profile: Squawfreestylefreeride for the same info, only different.  We also have a new YOUTUBE channel: Squaw Freestyle.  Check it out for more team edits and media info.

3) Our goal is to no longer put updates on Facebook.  We are working on a group text and email application that will hopefully make our communication much more effective and up to date.  Stay tuned.. until then, we will continue to put out emailers the old fashioned way.  We are really close to finishing thank you for your patients.  You can aways view our team updates on our website on the “In the Know” section of the home page.

SquawFree Team Registration!

Get registered today!

CLICK HERE To go to our website and download all registration information.  Please fill out all the registration forms including: aerial release, volunteer commitment form, refund policy, and liability release.  
You can find all the registration information by going to the registration page on our website
Please note:  
*All registration forms must be filled out properly and mailed to: SquawFree, PO Box 2173, Olympic Valley, CA 96146
*All open invoices must be paid in full before your 2018 registration will be accepted.
*A current Credit Card number and information is required with your 2018 registration information.
*Masters Program has changed from Saturday only training to Saturday and Sunday training!
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