Team Update 4/15/20 – Virtual Award Ceremonies, Thank you Coaches

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Hello SquawFree!

First off, we hope everyone is doing well and safe at home.  It has been a weird month and we apologize for the abrupt end to the season.  We will be monitoring the situation, and as soon as it’s safe to resume some training we will be ready to go! 

The team room building is completely locked up and no one is allowed in or out at this time.  If you have gear in the room, please give us time and we will get it opened up as soon as possible!  

We appreciate each and every athlete and family member of this program and would like to say THANK YOU!  Thank you, for your hard work and dedication.  Thank you, for listening and believing.  Thank you to the family members for all your support.  Thank you for going the extra miles and putting in work for the team and competitions – helping make everything better for the kids.  And thank you for your donations to the foundation. It is the support of all of you that makes this program a great place to train and have fun.  

We miss you all very much and would like to show our appreciation by having some online award ceremonies.  Instead of making one long video, each team will have their own little award show.  They will be as follows:

**Park Team:  Instagram award ceremony presented by T-Ho and Coop.  Check out our instagram page for the post on Sunday 4/19.

**Mogul Team: Instagram award ceremony presented by Riley and Shelly.  Check out our instagram page for the post on Sunday 4/19.

**Big Mtn Team:  Zoom meeting 4/18 at 7pm Meeting: Hosted by Govy, Kevin, and Trever with a special celebration of the senior class from Chris Saito.  Join Zoom Meeting                        

Meeting ID: 998 0437 9707       Password: 785491

**SquawFree team Zoom gathering 4/19 7pm: hosted by the coaches.  Miss your ski buddies? Us too! If you can, join us for a Zoom meeting Sunday   night at 7pm. Would love to see your faces for a fun chat.  

Zoom ID: 228 401 3405   Password: ski 

Additionally, to help keep up the SquawFree stoke, over the next month and throughout the summer SquawFree will be honoring each athlete with an Instagram post recognizing their hard work over the season and years.   Our instagram page is @squawfreestylefreeride.

Please see the attached document on how to order some super rad just in Squaw Free Swag and some collector’s items of the 2020 Nationals

We would like to take a moment to Honor our SquawFree Senior Class.  You mean so much to us, and all of you have left a lasting legacy with our program.  Thank you for making the team so much fun to be a part of.  Some of you have been on the program since you were 8 years old and it is very sad to see you go.  You will be missed, but we look forward to seeing what you will all do next.  You all Rip! Congratulations!  


Will Shacter

Britta Winans

Michelle Tam

Jonny Lee

Elena Tebb

Elena Silverman

Coby Melrose

Zach Saito

Lily Bradley

Benji Nickel

Tristian Cayolle

Marea Adams

We would also like to thank our awesome group of Coaches. They worked hard all season for you.  They do this because they care, because they want to give back, and because they like you!

As you know, the coaches also abruptly lost the last month of team and work. Please find it in your heart to tip them and help them get through these tough times! If you would like to send them a kind tip to say thank you for their dedication to the athletes, I have attached their Venmo accounts next to their name. I have attached an email if they don’t have a Venmo account. 

2020 SquawFree Coaches:  Thank you!

Coach@venmo acct.
Tyler Homen  @Tyler-Homen
Jarrod Semmens   @Cindy-Semmens
Trevor Semmens   @Trevor-Semmens    
Kevin O’Meara   @Joelle-O’Meara
Shelly Robertson   @Shelly-Robertson-1
Cooper Davidson   @Dafunkydiabetic   
Riley McCarthy McGuire   @Riley-Mccarthy-Mcguire
Ian Couture   @Ian-Couture
Bruce Perry Jr     @Bruce-PerryJr
Xylo Stewart     @Xylo-Stewart
Joey Cordeau   email:
Jason Dobbs    @jasondobbs1
Travis Sluder   email:
Brandon Beck   @Brandon-Beck-11

Send the coaches some love!  Thank you so much!

Our off-season plan is to get the Air Farm updated and ready to go as soon as possible.  Currently the Farm is still under snow and we have a few weeks of updates to work on before opening.  We will let you know when we can start back up.  Planned updates are:  in ground trampolines, a beginner ramp and more dry land training activities.   Estimated start date will be mid-June, stay tuned for updates. 

Thank you for all your support, it was a fun season.  We look forward to seeing you all again soon and getting back to skiing and jumping.  Don’t hesitate to reach out and say hi!  Remember to check our instagram posts.  Take care and be well.


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