First question we usually get is – What do we do here?

We are a ski team, we are skiers, we are not a just ski service.  Ski/ life coaches molded together teaching freestyle skiing and selling dreams…..your dreams, we are here to inspire you throughout your ski career and in life.  My advice to you is dream big! If you want it bad enough and work hard enough for it, you can get there – believe it!  We want to see you reach your goals and we are committed to helping you make that happen whatever those goals may be.  We will help you set short term goals and big lofty goals and it’s our job to teach you the tools to achieve those goals and provide you the proper environment to accomplish all of it in the safest way possible.


Our main focus at SquawFree is freestyle (mogul skiing), freeride (park skiing) and freeskiing (big mt.). We will also spend a small percentage of time training in a race course, skier cross track, and whatever else we can find on the hill.


The Olympic Valley Freestyle Team is a 501©3 Non-Profit Foundation. We work closely with Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, but we are a separate foundation. We do not have corporate backing, we have to pay for hill space, cat time, we put on our own competitions, and cover the ever so increasing cost of insurance and everything else that comes along with running a ski program. As part of the foundation we provide a scholarship program to athletes in need every year.

All of our funding for the program is through registration and donation.  Speaking of donating – If you have the means or ability to give before the end of the year, please help us continue to keep this machine running by donating.  We are a part of the National Non-Profit Society so if your employer or businesses match donations please consider donating to our program. Our official business name is Olympic Valley Freestyle and Freeride Team.

Thank you so much! Our donation goal this year is $50,000.


“SquawFree is the original freestyle program. We learned all the fundamentals from a crew of passionate coaches who I still have as mentors and friends today. The years of experience progressing kids through the changing landscape of freestyle and freeskiing safely is something I do not see in the other programs I have witnessed. I am psyched that my ten year old son is getting the proper coaching to match his interest in freestyle and freeskiing. In addition to the fun experience in the SquawFree locker room and on the hill, the program has produced three of the 7 American Olympic medals in moguls among other accolades. Awesome.”  

  -Jonny Moseley (1998 Olympic Gold Medalist)

“Being on the Squaw Valley Freestyle Team was the perfect team for me.  Not only did I absolutely fall in love with the sport of skiing but it taught me how to face my fears, how to be a good teammate, how to work hard when I wanted to win and how to persevere when I lost.  But most importantly it gave me a community of like minded kids that embraced the mountain life and all of the wonderful things it offered.”

– Shannon Bahrke (three time Olympian and two time Olympic Medalist)

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