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Team Rules / Things to Know

There does need to be some order so we can all be successful and continue to be the best team at Squaw.  The rules are so everyone can have fun and everything can function better!

  • loyalty / integrity / respect / accountability / perseverance. This is our moto and this should be your moto when you come to team.
  • Be on time! Stretch is important, learning to be on time is important, it shows us we are doing something right and you want to be here. It also helps motive us as coaches to want to motivate you.  If you are missing the stretching and warm up then you are risking injury by jumping right in with the group mid training.  Just show up on time, you do it for school, you do it for work, you do it for Drs. appointments. Please do it for us! – it shows respect.  And best of all you miss traffic.  Traffic! You are all aware there is traffic correct?
  • Come prepared to ski – fully belly, good diet, ready to ski. Appropriate equipment and gear for the conditions, cold, rainy, have water, sunscreen, helmet, mouth guard, back protector spare gloves and googles etc.
  • Priorities – while you are at team, we ask that this is your main priority and you’re here to stay the whole day unless you are preapproved by Jimeel.
  • Let the cell phone go. You do not need to pull it out on every chair, do not sit in the car on your phone and be late for stretching and warm up.
  • We have Zero tolerance for bullying, fighting, stealing, destruction of the gear (if its not yours don’t touch it!) No vape pens, drugs, and no alcohol.
  • Make sure your equipment is checked and ready – did you get new boots? Are they adjusted to your skis? If you have questions talk to a coach, they will sort you out.

Dispatch 530-452-7145. Put this in your phone.  If you have a problem, call dispatch.

On Hill Rules

Although we are a separate foundation, we are representatives and ambassadors of Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows. At home and on the road.

  • Be polite and respectful to all skiers, employees, lift ops, patrol, all coaches, other team athletes.
  • Obey all mountain rules
  • Bar down on every lift. Only ride with team members.
  • Obey the riders code.
  • Be in control – be able to stop to avoid others
  • People ahead of you have the right of way. always look up hill when crossing
  • No stopping where you obstruct a trail – be able to see above you
  • observe all posted signs, closed trails
  • If you break any rules, if you do something you’re not supposed to be doing, I will hear about it – trust me.
  • Mountain run is not our run. We avoid at all costs. It is for beginners and a way down the hill. Not a place to show off. No switch skiing or fast skiing on Mountain run.
  • Trampoline rules – We will run the trampoline in front of the team room often. The Trap is not a toy.  Absolutely No Jumping on the tramp unless a coach is present and is working with you on the Tramp.

We are a competition-based team – there will be winners and there will be losers, deal with it.

We compete in many different disciplines and you must be a member of the appropriate disciplines in order to compete.  You do not have to compete but that is what we do and what are preparing for. The sense of accomplishment you get from competition is worth it, so try it out.

Moguls USSA – farwest freestyle – –

Park – USASA – north Tahoe Series – –

Big Mountain – IFSA national and TJFS regional.  – –

You can get to the upper level of your sport without risking everything.

You can make it and score well at mogul nationals without a back flip.  You don’t have to hit the biggest cliff to qualify and get to the IFSA NORAMS, and a stylie clean park run in your wheel house will score better than a massive trick that is loose.

What I am trying to say is we are not going to force you to do things you’re not ready for, or don’t really want to do.

Parents this goes for you as well.  I know you want your kid to flip in the moguls or stomp the sweet difficult line in their competition, but we know what we are doing. Trust us as coaches and don’t put that pressure on your kid because you think they are ready or you think they need to do it to score well.

The sport and judging are changing and leaning toward clean, stylie, and safe.

With that, I will leave you with my favorite quote from Henry Ford:

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

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