9-11 years

The first step for young freestyle skiers who want to rip it up in the bumps and catch big air. This is for the junior athlete who wishes to work on the basic freestyle skills and techniques in a fun atmosphere. The Development Team focuses on basic freestyle turning techniques and familiarizes the athlete with air awareness.  Utilizing all of what Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows has to offer, the Development Team skis the whole mountain and the smaller parks with emphasis on fun! The foundation of the development team (along with fun) is geared toward freestyle (mogul) skiing. Young athletes will train and compete in competitive mogul venues during limited times and when conditions allow. The coaches spend the early part of the season teaching the basic skills of freestyle skiing all over the mountain. Then the skiers will take their skills into the more demanding mogul terrain, learning proper technique and tactics for a lifetime of skiing. Finishing the package is aerial training, which takes place on our freestyle jump sites, Squaw Valley terrain parks, and at Woodward.

Full Time: $3,500
Part Time (Weekend / Holiday Only): $3000

12 to 13 years

For freestyle competitors seeking top level coaching with a focus on mogul fundamentals, all-mountain skiing, and air awareness for jumping. This is the second step in the development pyramid for freestyle athletes. Training takes place both days each weekend, Christmas break, ski skate week, and holidays. The Junior Team is a competitive program emphasizing the development of the technical skills necessary to excel in the various disciplines of freestyle skiing. Building a strong technical base for mogul skiing will allow the skiers to perform at their best in the mogul arena and throughout the mountain. Upright and inverted aerial training will be incorporated into their training regimen for a total freestyle package. World Class venues for skiing, conditioning, sport psychology, video analysis, goal setting and planning assist each athlete on the road to excellence. Skiers will be grouped according to ability and work with experienced coaches throughout the season. This is a competitive program and athletes must be willing to put forth a great deal of commitment and motivation to attain their personal best. Athletes will compete in the USASA and USSA Far West Freestyle Division, the Tahoe Jr. Big Mountain Series, and various other local competitions.

Full Time: $3,500
Part Time (Weekend / Holiday Only): $3,000

14 years and up

Freestyle, Freeride, and Freeskiing.

This program is tailored for our athletes that live outside of the Reno/Tahoe area and are not able to ski full time. The teams train with the full time team and focus their time on becoming contest ready. On contest weeks the athlete will receive full time benefits with day before contest training and video review. This is an opportunity for the part time athlete to reach big time goals. Athletes build skills in a supportive team-oriented environment and can advance as far as their commitment and ability take them, up to the highest levels of national and international competition.  SquawFree Weekend Warrior is a unique program that caters to the large number of out of town athletes by focusing on training heavy weekends.  By preparing courses and venues especially to be prime and ready on weekends swell as an available Woodward session on Friday night, we are packing as much training as we can on the weekend.

14+ Weekend Program: $3200

14 years old and up

Freesride is skiing incredibly steep terrain.  It often includes cliff jumping and other aerial moves. Skiing the entire terrain of Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows smooth and clean. Many alumni of this program have gone on to ski, compete, and film all over the world.

The Freeride team is the program for athletes looking to take their skills to the cliffs and steep challenging terrain of the big mountain. This Program is tailored for skiers looking to compete in the local and national Freeride Competitions and generally rip the entire mountain everywhere they go.  The Freeride Team focuses on learning the proper techniques for jumping and landing cliffs, and safely descending the most technical terrain the mountain has to offer.  High level athletes concentrate on learning safe snow and mountain conditions,   This is a 6 day a week competitive program designed for the all around skier specializing in Freeride Competitions, with added terrain park and freestyle skiing. The majority of training takes place throughout the mountain as well as in the terrain parks and occasional mogul skiing sessions. Our coaching philosophy with this team is to develop the best all-around skiers on the hill, the skiers must be strong all-mountain skiers. SquawFree’s Freeride Team balances fundamental freestyle / freeride training with directed skiing all over Squaw Valley /Alpine Meadows. Athletes will then progress to new school aerials off cliffs and in terrain parks, and extended backcountry and avalanche knowledge. Helmets are required during all aerial training sessions and mouth guards and back braces are strongly encouraged.

Full Time – $3,700

14 years old and up

Freeskiing is skiing in the park, doing rails and aerial tricks off jumps while also skiing the world class, all mountain terrain of Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows.

For the innovative skier seeking opportunities to take on the demands of terrain parks, halfpipes and beyond. Team Freeskiing is an innovative program for the athletic skier looking to improve their skills in a variety of arenas. This a 6 day a week competitive program designed for the all around skier specializing in terrain park and freestyle skiing. The majority of training takes place in the terrain parks with free skiing and occasional mogul skiing sessions. The Freeskiing team will train at Squaw/Alpine, Boreal & Woodward, and occasionally Mammoth and Northstar all depending on where the good training is out west.   Our coaching philosophy with this team is to excel in terrain parks safely, the skiers must be strong all-mountain skiers. Team Freeride balances fundamental freestyle / freeride training with directed free skiing all over Squaw Valley USA. Athletes will then progress to new school aerials in half-pipe, terrain parks, aerial sites. Helmets are required during all aerial training sessions and mouth guards strongly encouraged.

14+ Full Time Freeskiing Team: $3700

14 years old and up

The Full time Freestyle team is a full time mogul team.  From skiing in mogul courses, to halfpipes, to headwall, the freestyle team is soaring all over the mountain.

This is the place where dedicated athletes work to achieve their highest goals in freestyle mogul skiing, athletics, and life. Full-Time SquawFree is an intensive, year-round training program for the freestyle competitor with a full commitment toward reaching their highest goals in competitive skiing. Skiers train six days a week during the ski season. During the off-season, athletes participate in summer camps and projects while following a physical training program designed to prepare them for success during the ski season. A highly experienced coaching staff teaches the most modern techniques of mogul skiing and aerials using the latest in video technology to help the athletes improve. We place an emphasis on skiing preparation and equipment care, as well as focusing on physical and mental competition techniques.  Our programs also teach physical fitness through healthy activity and good eating habits while promoting the values of teamwork and good sportsmanship. Athletes build skills in a supportive team-oriented environment and world class venues.

14+ Full Time Freestyle Team: $3700

Ages: 25+

Do you feel that you are never too old to ski bumps, hit the park or or ski a 2 foot pow run down Granite Chief? Freestyle Masters is the place for you.

This is a group of adults who like to ski moguls, and rip the entire mountain. Emphasis on improving their overall ski and turn technique, meeting other kindred spirits and having a lot of fun. You will learn skiing techniques to help you rip longer and have more efficient powder days on KT-22. This is a weekend team meeting on Saturdays only at 9AM-3PM, with a lunch or cocktail hour. This will be a fun comfortable environment to improve your already good skiing skills.

Masters Program: $1200 (saturday only for 2018/2019)

Ages: 9+

SquawFree is a competition based program. We travel to various different freestyle, freeride and freeskiing competitions all over the world throughout the winter.  We also travel for optimal training in the winter and throughout summer to help provide our athletes with the best training venues possible.  All of our coaches are certified and are very experienced traveling and housing with athletes.  Along with training and competing, traveling with the team helps build a solid bond of trust between the coach and the athlete.  When traveling our job doesn’t stop at coaching; we mentor athletes on the road, provide mandatory study time, team bonding, tons of fun activities away from the hill, and much more!  If possible, we encourage most athletes to leave mom and dad at home and stay all together with the team.

Travel fees are an additional charge to the athlete and are processed after the event.  Travel fees will vary depending on: travel, location, # of coaches, athlete count, coach per diem, food, stay, and other factors.

As a rule of thumb, an athlete should plan on paying $100.00 per day for travel competitions when staying with the team.  Of course there are various factors that will determine the final expense to the athlete (see above).  If you plan to travel and stay on your own at events, plan on $50.00 per day for coaching expenses.

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