We are continuing the volunteer program for our team. All team families are required to pay a $200.00 volunteer surcharge (per athlete) upon registration. All athlete families registered with Squawfree are responsible for volunteering 10 hours of their time to the team during the season and can receive a refund of the $200.00 volunteer surcharge. (10 hours for each athlete, 5 hours for each additional athlete)

The volunteer program is designed to increase family involvement in our team as well as help generate the funds we need to help keep our non-profit foundation flourishing. Please consider donating your $200.00 volunteer surcharge to Squawfree to help build our program.  Thank you for your support in helping make the 2017-2018 season the best year yet!

Here is how the volunteer commitment surcharge works:

  1. Along with your registration fees, all families pay a $200.00 volunteer surcharge (per child) and sign a Volunteer commitment form.
  2. Each family is required to volunteer 10 hours of service to the team. Service includes things like helping out with competition day duties, course building, clothing sales, banquet setup, travel help, BBQ, etc.  Those families with more than one child on the team are required to volunteer an additional 5 hours per child on the team. All hours must be signed off by a team representative upon completion.
  3. Athletes that are old enough are eligible to work off volunteer hours.
  4. There will be a sign-up for various volunteer positions available at the opening season party in November and throughout the season.
  5. Once you have volunteered your time and services, and had all hours recorded and signed off by a team representative, you can choose to have the $200 surcharge refunded, or you can donate it to the team at the end of the season.

*If you choose not to volunteer, then you will NOT receive a $200.00 volunteer surcharge refund.

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